Well, I’m working on some minor updates for my photography website.

Some months ago I changed the sober black/grey/white I used to have for bright colors and shapes. I really like those minimalistic, totally white galleries but… dunno… I wanted to try a bit with colors. Maybe for the next year I can change to All White, just to try it. So, I changed the menus, some photos, the arrangement of the about/contact/sites pages, also the Home page -but- maintain the same idea for the galleries. A regular size image to the left and the thumbnails of the hole gallery images to the right.

Now I’m changing 2 things fro 1: A matrix. Small sized squares of the images that u can directly click to maximize. I think this makes everything a lot way easier for navigation. Before, you clicked the thumbnail, the photo ‘preview’ appears at the left and then, if u wanted to make it bigger, you pressed over the ‘preview’.

I was wanting to change the galleries arrangement for so long but never make the time for it. So, I started with the ‘people’ section. Now I’m going to bed and in some hours I’ll continue with another one.

What do you think? Do you like the new arrangement over the old one or do you prefer the old one?

Old Look

New Look


What do you think?

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