I’m really, really… shocked.

This isn’t a super famous blog. I just post about my photography and some random stuff that happens to me or things that I like. Sometimes I’m out for weeks because I’m doing some photography or I’m going out with friends. Also doing some projects. But, no matter that, I do check my mail everyday and if I have new notifications I check them. Also try to reply to the new comment on my Deviantart page or my 500px gallery. I always try.

But… I’m shocked.

I dunno if this happens to you guys but, today, when I opened this blog’s dashboard I found 80 SPAM comments. 80! And that’s a big number for me. This isn’t the first time but 80 is the biggest number I’ve had so far. I used to find 15 or max 30 spam comments but 80!? Never imagined something like that.

It’s a shame because I dunno want to eliminate the comments option of my posts, no matter how old are they. The thing is that I guess that I will have to. Actually, there’s a post that is like a Spam Whore [sorry if I’m too harsh] and I did eliminate the comments option in that specific post to see if this spam wave slows down a bit.

Now I added that users must be logged if they want to comment in addition to writing their names and emails. Geez, really, I can’t believe this. Spam was actually increasing. The good thing is that wordpress is pretty good filtering those useless comments but it’s logic that the best would be to not have them.

What about you, people? Do this happen to you? Do you apply any mechanism to avoid spam? 


What do you think?

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