Hello there. 

Yes, I’m here. Busy but I’m here.
I’m updating my website. Changed the arrangement and also put a “nudes” gallery.  I uploaded some pictures to my 500px profile. I’m also thinking that it’s time to put some stuff in my Deviantart [I was using it just for saving favorites and following some photographers].

I think I need to sleep more. Yeah, I’m so like sleeping all day and working all night [that’s not right]. This is my personal blog for sharing stuff I do with you, people. Also things I like. I help a friend with a blog about restaurants and interesting places to visit here in our Country [I guess we need to clarify if we are partners or if I’m just a help but that’s another story]. I also post random MAGIC the gathering stuff in another random blog I have but the most important part is that, I have to finish with all the things related to my personal websites this week [well, with part of the next].

I being thinking about creating a Cosplay page. I do like that kind of things and always try to go to the events and get some pictures of the cosplayers. The truth is that we dunno have a website to publish the work of our cosplayers. Well, there’s a page but they just put the fliers of the events, never cosplay galleries. I do have the name of the page I want to create. I need to get myself into the logo creation. Also need to think about the domain and servers.. all that stuff.

I’ll try to post regularly here but I will have a pretty busy week… [month?]

Wish me luck, haha. Just to share 2 photos of Panama I uploaded to my Wix page, here:

“City Chores II”

“Una Ciudad Simple”


What do you think?

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