“City Blur”

“Panama Night”

Did I tell you that I’m from Panama?

Yeah, I know. My country is beautiful. Is the truth. The things is that because of that beauty many people want to sell it in pieces saying it’s like a paradise and that you don’t have to worry about anything.
I took the photos above when wandering around Casco Viejo. If you don’t know, Casco Viejo was considered WORLD HERITAGE by the UNESCO. So what? Government and Tourism Investors want to extend Cinta Costera to Causeway…

– “I still can’t get it…”

They will do a landfill crossing part of the bay, passing behind-almost-next-almost-trough Casco Viejo [ruining the view and part of it’s historic essence] so they can connect Cinta Costera with Causeway.

– “Ah… I’m starting to get it…”

It’s not something NECESSARY. They don’t NEED to create that connection. That’s just to get more money. It’s a vial plus because that would be like a shortcut but that tourism excuse can’t be used.

– “But, why is that related to the photos?”

It’s not totally related. I just wanted to share the photos and part of the things happening here in the country.


What do you think?

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