I was checking my archives and found a link to a video that, for me, has to be admired. To be honest, I cannot watch it [or listen to it] without teary eyes. I just end with teary eyes! The beauty of the prose, the voice that seems to caress you with the words and the music whispering in your ears… it’s just too touching.

In this video, it’s combined Jesse Rosten‘s filming incredible intuition and experience with the precise warm words of Kallie Markle, to create a melancholic yet inspiring short film about the Redwood forests of Northern California.

“A very long time ago, there were no groves because everywhere was a grove with no roads to bisect and no people to erect stones and fences and bridges. The trees were very, very young and had much living ahead of them. The enormity of their lifespan loomed in wooly mists around them, so they stretched out their root fingers and wrapped them around each others’, intertwining and holding very tight. The ferns found pockets of root fingers where they could nestle in and the moss stretched itself out over the soil and everything became very soft. The trees grew and made patterns of light and dark on the ground and the vines swirled in to trace the patterns. Spotted spiders moved back and forth and up and down, making nets to catch the mist, and the mist would linger on the nets in drops that cupped the light. It was very quiet all the time because the trees needed to focus on their lives. It is not easy to grow so much, for so long. Some trees became tired and lay down on the soft ground; others leaned and rested their tops on another. Growing is forever, they whispered, and when one tree had to stop, another would grow out of it and reach very high into the grey and gold sky.

Gowing is forever, they whispered…”

Growing is Forever  was made for a non-profit campaign to help protect the redwoods. The National Parks Conservation Association released this video with their quarterly magazine National Parks. It’s also, quoting Jesse’s words: “…my best attempt to capture the reverence I feel when in the presence of these slumbering giants“.

Jesse Rosten

Jesse Rosten
Is a filmmaker currently based out of Northern California. That’s the only about you’ll find in his site because he really dislikes talking about himself in third person, but would be more than happy to talk to you in first person via email: -Haha! [That’s my quote of his about]. He’s always willing to answer your questions or talk about the art behind his marvelous short films. Visiting his Website is a must. You can also heart his videos on his Vimeo or follow him on Twitter.

The Digital Naturalist made Jesse a very interesting Q&A Interview about Growing Is Forever and I want to share part of the impression he exposed here when talking about the woods:
“There’s something really special about these Coastal Redwoods. The goal with this piece was to share the awe and wonder I feel for this place. Wandering through the old growth is like stepping back in time. Some of the trees are over 2,000 years old! They’ve seen cultures emerge and empires crumble. They’ve stood stoically surveying the best and worst of humanity for the last two millennium. It’s truly humbling.” 

Kallie Markle
Is a writer. I’ll just quote a tiny part of her about but the one I thinks is the best one: “I honestly believe that everyone is created with the tools for a purpose; this is mine. I’m a writer. I’m very good at it because it’s what I was made for.” You can also check her Website or follow her on Twitter.

In the same interview, she said about the script:
“The script came from several personal experiences in the park. Growing up in the Northern California foothills, camping trips to the redwoods were very special (…) There weren’t really drafts, and not very many revisions. I started it by telling a story of ‘the six people who went walking in the grove,’ but quickly determined that the heart of the experience came from the trees, not the people (…).”

I highly recommend you to read the hole Q&A with Jesse and Kallie. And if you like Growing Is Forever as much as I do I’m sure you’ll be more than happy to check some other incredible videos from Jesse. I’ll suggest to you: CART, iPAD +VELCRO and STELLA’S SHASTA ADVENTURE… I specially loved Cart and the most cool part is that you can go to Jesse’s website, search the video you liked and read the story behind it… same for the rest of the videos.

So, fellows, nice to post for you again and ENJOY! — BTW, go to the bottom of the post…

If you’re too lazy to go search for the videos on Vimeo… Here, the short films I recommended to you:





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