Jason Chan

He has like tons and tons of pages and blogs talking about his art but, no matter that, I need to post something about him. I guess you already know him, right?

Well, the first time I saw some of Jason’s arts was in one of my MAGIC cards and that was instant love. Jason has made dozens of illustrations for Wizards of the Coast and I bet he’s one of the fans favorites, obviously! xD

MAGIC the Gathering | “Scars of Mirrodin”

MAGIC the Gathering | “Fires of Undeath”

MAGIC the Gathering | “Strangleroot Geist”

I like a lot his bio:

“My name is Jason Chan and I like to draw 🙂
I was born and raised in Stockton, California in 1983. After high school I moved out to San Francisco to study 3D animation at the Academy of Art University, but promptly changed my major to illustration and graduated in the Spring of 06. I am now working at Massive Black.

As I said, I love to draw. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always been drawing characters for make believe video games, cartoons and comics. I also loved drawing my favorite X-men characters, warcraft heroes, and video game sprites. I drew a million Mega Man and Mario drawings. As I grew up, that love for video games and fantasy never left me. I grew to love fantasy novels and that inspired my work. Many of my favorite video games were japanese made so as I drew the characters from those games, I began to fall for the anime style. Of course, that lead me to watch anime – an addiction I still haven’t been able to shake. After a couple of years of horrible attempts at manga style art, I began school in San Francisco and actually got some decent life drawing and anatomy practice. I began to to be exposed to some of the western masters such as Sargent, Leyendecker, Rockwell, and Frazetta. I embraced the esthetics of western art and tried to improve myself in that direction. Now I am trying to marry my western art education with my eastern art interest and see what happens.

I’m still trying. We’ll see what happens.”

MAGIC the Gathering | “Decadent Deathdealer”

MAGIC the Gathering | “Apocalypse Hydra”

MAGIC the Gathering | “Phyrexian Unlife”

So, I guess now you must be interested in the links to his pages, no? Yes? Ok! Here we go…
His Website, the Old Gallery, his Blogger [he publishes most of the updates here], CG Society and Twitter. You may also be interested in reading an very interesting interview Last Man Standing did to him HERE.

A brief part:
“Q: Walk us through your illustration process start to finish. What are you doing along the way to achieve a solid finished piece?

A: My first step is familiarizing myself with what I am doing. This means I read over any documents and look at any references my client sends me to make sure I understand what is expected of me. Then I proceed to make thumbnails for the client. I start these as black and white blobs that are slowly chiseled out until they are recognizable to people other than myself. I send these off and wait for comments. Based on feedback, I either continue on one of the thumbnails or start a new image and take it to a more finished state for another round of feedback. This continues back and forth until the client is happy. Along the way, I do my best to make the best image possible by paying attention to light and shadow, anatomy, perspective, and anything else that I can.

“Among The Ghosts”


“Q: What is your favorite medium to work in? What program do you do most of your digital work in?

A: I used to do most of my work in Painter. For the past year, however, I’ve been working almost exclusively in Photoshop. I can work well in both, so I don’t think one is necessarily better than the other.[read more]

I highly recommend you to check this interview and specially the hole site. Last Man Standing has awesome tutorials, interviews and great info about digital arts in general.

Folks, it’s all for now. Thanks for the likes and the comments, see you next time. I’ll leave you with more awesome illustrations:




DRAGON AGE: Origins | “Elf Mage”


“Black Widow”

“Angel Flight”


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