There’s some people in this world with the blessing of sharing a magic chemistry. No matter having a little time of knowing each other or a ton of years it’s just something that happens and it’s great.

Just cool… xD

What’s up there?

I spent the weekend with two blessed humans. “Shi” and Julio. The chemistry between them it’s so cool that it gets you immediately. That’s the kind of relationship that could last forever if they keep it strong.
Yeah, sometimes, no matter if you stay as friends or if the relationship develops into a couple, the idea it’s to keep it strong. Healthy. For that, communication and laughing is a must.

It was really a pleasure for me to share time with them. The atmosphere when playing jokes it’s totally contagious and refreshing. I also did some single shots that I liked a lot. I’m really excited about sharing the pictures with you! Hope you like them! 😀

Love her expression…

Look at the camera!

I love Shi’s face in this one:



“Pouch Time!”

So, the singles. First: Julio

He’s so cute!

“Fresh smile… luv it!”

“I know what you’re thinking…”

Specially liked this face…

Now Shi

Strong eyes…

Love this one!

Honest smile…

Haha! Julio’s fault!

My favorite! ♥

“thinking of you”

I personally like to crop this way…

Lovely girl!


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