What I have to say about Daniel is that his work is STUNNING! Totally outstanding!
Cannot say more about him because there’s no BIO available. The only thing we can use is his journal on his Deviantart but, there’s no much personal info… well, I might say ‘none’. Yo can also find him under the alias “pacsaman” or “idaniphotography“.

Besides that, I’m sure you’ll like to check his Website, Facebook & 500px pages. He also offers a real-time photoshop workshop session via Skype. That’s pretty much awesome for me after seeing what he’s able to do talking about retouching. He’s also searching for models for his personal projects (that always require nudity). If you’re willing to participate you can contact him here: idaniphotography@yahoo.com

Now, the most important part: The photos I’ve selected for you!



“It’s A Kind Of Magic”

“Captive III”

“F**k Tha Police”

“The Waiting Room”


What do you think?

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