Do you have cats? 
If you do, this would be something normal for you. If you don’t, this could be gross. BE CAREFUL.

I have a pretty “nice” collection of photos… of the dead. Mice, birds and some other dead animals I got to see while wandering around for photos. That could be a very gorehobby” but I’ll say that I would like to work in forensics photography once. Just to gain that experience and stomach.

My “babies” are good contributors to that collection. They leave gifts in my front door and sometimes in my living room. 2 days ago I found 2/3 of a bird under the table. No head. “WTF?!” -I said when finding it. Dunno who’s the killer, Sophie or Zephiroth. No mattering the mess, I went to my bedroom for my camera and took some photos. Sophie came to play with the ‘prize’.

After the shots I cleaned. Yeah, it was a bit disgusting but someone has to do it.

You could be thinking that this is fun for me. No, it’s NOT. We try our best not to leave them (our cats) go out while “birds hours” or to be watching then in case they get any lizard to go save it immediately. But it’s part of their nature and it’s impossible to be always on time to save the animals they capture. It’s sad because they do it for fun.

What I do is keep a memory of the dead, like in the old times with people. Then take the little animal and bury it if necessary.

There was a time when I used to find little field mice corpses everyday. Sometimes in pieces, others the hole dead mouse and sometimes, just sometimes, alive.


4 responses to “GORE GIFTS

  1. Hey Jenn,
    These are pretty yucky pics. Cats will always be cats and the best predators ever. They seem to love to show off their accomplishments to their owners. Your two seem quite pro. I feel bad for the creatures that fall victim of cats but cést la vie.

    • Sorry if they are too yucky. Actually these are pretty “neat” corpses compared to others I found. Yeah! I have pretty show off cats, no matter that I still love them… killers, killers! haha

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