Today, I want to share more art with you.

I feel specially inspired when looking at paintings like Stella’s. I dunno if it’s the detail in the eyes, or the hair, or maybe those big fleshy lips but I ‘feel‘ when looking at them. I feel those piercing eyes and silky hairs wanting to tell me something.

“Azurely” 2011

Stella Im Hultberg is a painter living and working in Brooklyn, NYC. Born in South Korea, raised in Seoul, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and later in California. She studied Industrial Design and worked as a product designer before serendipitously falling into the art world in late 2005″. (quote)

I dunno remember how do I discovered her work but I deeply like it. Every drawing, painting, sketch or idea it’s just stunning. Every piece of art looks honest and kind.

“When I begin a painting, I don’t start with a clear idea or message. The early stages are abstract and vague and the work then develops organically as I paint. There’s no specific concept but a blurry idea I try to clarify as each layer of paint is built up.
An underlying unifying theme of identities and duality seems to permeate much of my work. Identity as a human being, the frail and the strong; identity as an individual; identity in relation to others or the environment; and even dual, overlapped, confused identities…” – says Stella (continue reading)

I’m sure that you’ll like to check her webpages after reading this. I recommend you to visit first her Site. Then her Blog and Flickr. After that if you want to follow her on Twitter or Facebook, that would be nice. It’s not an obligation to do it in this order but it’s my personal recommendation. First you check the portfolio, the presentation: the site. Then you read about her and what she’s doing: the blog. After that you check more of her art, pretty well organized: her Flickr; to end following her on the common social sites.

Now, to close this entry, some awesome images!

“Everything Was Beautiful” 2011

“Pale September” 2011

“A Perfect World II” 2011

“Reverie” 2011

“Chance” 2011

“A Mirage, A Dream” 2012


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